What About Those Dems!
Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I don't know about you, but I was THRILLED with the outcome of last week's elections. FINALLY!

I was on my way to Scottsdale, AZ to do an event for the Jewish Book Fair. It was called "Girls Night In - Martinis and Chocolates!" Made sure I got my vote in before I left.

By the time I arrived and checked into the hotel it was 8:30 pm in the east, half an hour before the polls would shut down. After a day of travel, I thought it'd be good for me to work out in the gym before dinner, and that's when I saw we had won the House! Went out for Mexican food with my stepsister and her boyfriend, and celebrated with a pitcher of margaritas.

Next morning was Bush's press conference. It was obvious the tables had turned and he was licking his wounds. Later that day it was announced that Webb won Virginia. The Democrats finally did it. The country came forward in the first fair election of the last few years, and okay - I'm going for it here - the people spoke!

This summer I was dating a sexy athlete who, one day, started talking politics. He was very bright, we met in New York, and I assumed he and I were on the same page. I've never dated anyone who wasn't. I barely have a friend who isn't. Well, you can imagine it was kind of shocking to hear him talk like a poster boy for the Republicans! Listening to him actually gave me more empathy for the party than I'd had, because he was thoughtful and passionate and everything he said was under the umbrella of a free and powerful America. But, to me, it sounded like the Republican PR Spin... like a bit of propaganda.

I did more listening than talking. I'm not one who can open up a bag of facts, so I often sound more emotional than informed in those conversations. And besides, he was pretty sexy, it was after spending a really cool afternoon, and I found him interesting to talk to. But for the first time I saw just how it was possible that Bush had been able to sell his wares.

Now the store's going out of business!

I pray the Democrats will be able to use this power to restore America's dignity. Something I feel has been lost these last years. There are all the obvious issues, and I hope there will be resolutions that work, and are pleasing to the majority of the country. Mainly I hope that whoever gets in in '08, we get back to a place where Republicans and Democrats are the country's two parties, not the country's two enemies. I've always felt more like a New Yorker than an American - and that's a NYC New Yorker! But these years I feel totally detached from middle of this country. Red and Blue has been the coasts against the middle.

We all have play in the same sandbox. And while this is another situation of dominance, I pray the Democrats will proceed with fairness and pride.


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